is there a foodsafe and heat resistant adheisive?

i am joining copper tube to a stainless steel pot lid, i have joined them but want to make an airtight seal. is there an adheisive i can use that will be heat resistant and not react with alcohol?

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lemonie8 years ago
Araldite or other expoxy-glues are generally good (though they probably won't claim to be food-grade). For a still I think thermal-cycling may cause the seal to fail, see if you can find some rubber or cork? I assume it's a pressure-cooker? L
the rowdyboy (author)  lemonie8 years ago
its 4 a still but torubber or cork wont help me for this application. its a joint above the cooker i want to seal .
Try Araldite then, but cork & a lot of rubbers will take high temp. I'll look forward to seeing it finished! L
the rowdyboy (author)  lemonie8 years ago
in the end i have used oven sealant the stuff used to make seal on oven doors. wash was cornflakes and molasses, got a good pint on first run. tastes great .
(Sounds like he might have a better design, that cork wasn't the tightest of seals) L
I guess it would not be polite to tell somebody to put a cork in it.
(I do like your wit!) L