is there a led that can change colour?

and if so how does it work?....and if so would it be a feasible idea to make clothing out of some form of fibre optic fabric  that could change colour based on this led?  

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usLEDsupply7 years ago
Possible: Yes
Feasible: Not really
you would need a lot of leds and even more fiber optic fabric (if they even make it) and the hardest part would be getting light in the ends of the fibers.
but it would look sweet and i'm sure it could be done but it will take some work:-)

as for the colors
you will want to use RGB LEDs as you can make any color in the rainbow with them by varying the PWM (on and off pulses) of each color
afridave (author)  usLEDsupply7 years ago
ok you got me going......would it be feasible to make an led in a long yarn type fibre that could be woven into fabric? then you change the colour of the fabric by altering the pwm?
afridave (author)  usLEDsupply7 years ago
Excuse my ignorance but i know nothing about electronics, by altering the on/off pulses i assume that you are actually changing the wave length of the light that is emmitted, is this correct
As for the clothing idea its been running in my head for a while but i have no ability to attempt to make it so hopefully putting it out there will get others with more ability thinking about it.
Not only would this be a cool fashion article but it could be expanded into a clothing article that could sense and adapt to its surroundings like a chameleon (cool idea but alas an idea only) obvious military uses here.i have other ideas for electronic clothing.thanks for your input.
I nave seen some red/green/blue LEDs (three mounted in one case with one common pin and one for each colour) and they are actually much better than just three colours, because you can make yellow, purple, turquoise, and a greenish sort of white by turning two or three on together. Also LEDs that yokozuna mentions are yellow in AC, but some people say it is not very good for them.
jeff-o7 years ago
Of course! You can get LEDs with two colours (usually red/green, but others exist) or three colours (red, green, blue) built in. The individual colours can be controlled by applying voltage to extra pins sprouting from the base.

There are also auto-changing LEDs, that either quickly or slowly fade between red, green, blue, and mixtures thereof. These LEDs have just two pins, all you do is hook them up like a regular LED.

As for fiber-optic clothing... that will be difficult. But, I'm sure it could be done!
Here is a link to a red/green LED. Cost is $0.19 each.
yokozuna7 years ago
Yes, I know there are red/green LEDs, and there are likely other combinations that I'm not aware of.  Basically, they work by have two LEDs in one case, and changing the direction of the current changes the color.  There are also applications in which the voltage reverses at a constant rate to give the appearance of a third color, which in this case would be yellow.