is there a small skate company that will be willing to sponsor me... my best trick is a tre flip.

 i was thinking like skate anatomy but i couldnt find there site... someone please get me the link!!!

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jimamily7 years ago
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cephalopoid7 years ago
Just go to school, find your talents and do something you like apart from your hobbies. Skating is a rock stars kind of career. You'll get obsoleted too quickly and regret the time you wasted following what company X told you to do. Seriously, skating won't be fun anymore either, if it would be skating just to earn your bread. Turning a hobby into a career is always fun, but not when it comes to fame-based work. You'll always be the fad. Just thought a little cynical thought could help avoid mistakes. On the other hand, if it's just to get discounts and free decks, try hooking up with skateshopowners or getting a job there.
Re-design7 years ago
Any company large enough to do any sponsoring is going to want to get the most for their money and will want someone who has entered and placed in several local and regional meets.  Do you compete?  Get out and win a few and they will come looking for you.

They can get their name on neighborhood skaters for free just by including a free sticker with a product.
GianniMora (author)  Re-design7 years ago
 i compete... ive one a few in california
You could start actively trying to market yourself. Don't just toss a question onto Instructables; the people you want probably aren't here. Ask a reference librarian to show you how to research the names, addesses, and phone numbers of the marketing directors of  companies. Go out there and find that info for every company which you think might possibly be interested in sponsoring you. Then send a letter to those marketing directors, or phone their offices (you'll probably only reach an administrative assistant, but they may pass you to someone suitable). If you phone, work up a script ahead of time -- you want to quickly (ie, in the first minute) tell them who you are,  what degree of visibility you've got (how often you're competing/winning), that you use and love their stuff (assuming you do -- being able to cite a specific product would help), and that you'd like to discuss whether they'd be interested in sponsoring you, or at least giving you a discount, in exchange for your actively promoting their brand. Be prepared to say why anyone would care about your endorsement.

If you've got a good pitch, and you deliver it often enough,and you really are someone who has enough visibility to be interesting to them,  you may find someone who'll at least toss you a few T-shirts or kneepads or something of that sort with their logo, and who might be good for more if you get higher in the rankings.

But in general, if they aren't finding you, you probably aren't interesting enough for more than that.
acidbass7 years ago
 you need to go to skate competitions and place pretty well for you to get sponsored when i was sponsered i tried calling and meeting with them but all they said was we will see you at the SKATE OFF so i went placed like 2 or 3 and they took a couple weeks to make up their minds but i eventually got sponsored but remember you have to have a whole freaking closet full of tricks and once you start getting predictable you need to change your trick collection but you also have to do whatever the sponsor says too and they expect you to do it and if you dont your sponsorship is over and then once you start getting older and they find someone new then you will most likely be benched and serve as a mentor to the newby but if you want to go down that route feel free to do so but i suggest you go to some competitions and talk to some sponsors their