is there a way to connect de arduino to a palm?

 i would like to use the touch screen to control a servo, or to input a text string  to the arduino

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orksecurity8 years ago
Theoretically, yes. You'd need to write a Palm application which accepted the touchscreen/text data and output it to a synch cable, then write an arduino program which read from the synch cable and did something appropriate with the data. Think of it as implementing your own miniature network, including the protocols needed to make the communication coherent.

Probably simpler to get a stand-alone touchscreen and keyboard...
Now here I am *3* years later: Most Palm models have standard RS232C serial interfaces. I believe the last few in line may have done away with them, but the older ones definitely did. I wrote some software for Palm that serially talked to industrial PLCs.
Just read this about 2 yrs after its posting, but it may be useful to someone else who stumbles across it. I am working on using a Palm (probably M130) to serve as a keyboard/display for an Arduino (UNO or Mega2560). The problem of couse is communication. All Palm PDAs that I am aware of have an IrDA interface that acts as a serial interface at several baud rates (9600 is one of them) You need 2 things to do this, a means of programming the PDA that lets you access the IrDA interface and a way to do infrared I/O with the Arduino. Programming ? NSBasic is a shoe in using SIR (raw IrDA) and the ir I/O is a little hardware project I'm currently working on. The ir communication is simple on/off pulses - Palm also can use real IrDA with all its protoclos but involves modulating a frequency -- I'm hoping to make it simple by skipping that hastle with the raw ir communication... we'll see. Good luck all those who venture down this path.
Perhaps a bluetooth module on the arduino would make it a bit easier to talk between the devices - but tis true about needing an application on the palm.
Depends on the model, of course. My palm doesn't do bluetooth.