is there a way to continuously light a flash bulb?

orksecurity8 years ago
If you mean xenon flash: Strobe is the best you can do with one of these, and as Nobody said there are tube life and duty-cycle limitations.

If you mean old-style single-use burning-metal flashbulb: No.

What are you trying to do?
zs (author)  orksecurity8 years ago
i was trying to make an intense light for photography , but didn't want the blue tint leds give i found a work around using standard incandescent bulb and light filters
You could change the way you think about time.

The illumination of a camera flash is continuous for a duration of thousands of nanoseconds.

On the time scale of months or years, the, what you might call "continuously lit" fluorescent lights of your home, and/or office, appear to be rapidly flickering on and off.
The light would appear continuous if strobed fast enough. But if you did this with a cheap camera flash, it would wear out in short order.

Instead, look for an arc lamp that is made to be run continuously, such as from a high-intensity projector.