is there a way to produce a subwoofer kind of effect from my old pc can i modify it?

i have a small set pc speakers thats and parents wont allow me to buy 5.1 subwoofer.......i hate it when my speakers dont give out the bass effect of a song ... is there anything i can do ..plz suggest .

To get real bass, you need big speakers. (Some fancy acoustic tricks can get around this, but not ones you can afford.)

Still, your media player may have some features for simulating good bass on small speakers. Windows Media player, for example, uses SRS WOW effects.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. You can get a remarkable amount of bass out of a small speaker if it's designed for that. Your speakers are designed to be full-range units. While you may be able to extend the bass response a little, it will never be a sub-woofer.