is there a way to recharge a mobile phone via solar power, or via a small generator??? regards steve?

how can solar power recharge a mobile phone.

mathews8 years ago
As orksecurity said, you can get wind-up chargers for your phone, but they are a stop gap measure. You can also get solar powered phone chargers, which will require a day to charge, but if your outside, it won't matter too much.
grundisimo8 years ago
just get one of those solar powered garden lights and hook a usb port where the light was. possibly figure out how to reduce the voltage to 5 volts.
orksecurity8 years ago
Sure. All you need is the correct voltage at sufficient current. The problem is, phones use a surprising amount of power. I have a hand-crank generator which can charge my phone (one of the Eton emergency flashlight/radio/charger units), and they advise us that it will take ten minutes of cranking to charge most phones enough to make a one-minute call.