is there a way to reuse an old cell phone camera and make it a mini video camera?

I have an old cell phone with a pin hole style camera on it.. I think its a 4 megapixel camera on the cell phone. I wanted to see if i could some how use the camera to put in the rear of my car as a small back up camera. I was thinking it could run off the same display as the cell phone or is there a way to maybe attach it to a larger display?

yokozuna3 years ago
Not really- perhaps it's possible, but if you can't do it yourself, it's not at all cost effective to get someone to do it. Sometimes these make fun "see if i can do it projects" but you end up with a bunch of torn up parts more often than not.
+1. The camera and screen drivers are probably too tightly integrated into the phone to extract and use separately.

It will be a pitty to throw that technollogy into the dustbin. There must be a way to hack into it. Can I leave this haning fo a cellphone company technican for a possabile answer?

i realize this is a bit old already, but what he suggests may be possible with good enough soldering skill.

most cel phone cameras are connected via a ribbon cable, if he can somehow solder to the ribbon cable (totally possible if you use a low wattage soldering iron) he can extend the wires between the camera and the cell phone, then mount the cell phone somewhere in the dash of his car and mount the camera in the back, theoretically it would work, i would just be worried that the video signal may be worse since the phone probably isnt designed to have the camera so far away, but single stranded wires of the proper guage should be able to make it work.

I saw a YouTube video of a guy using a DVD laser as a fine low wattage soldering instrument. If you give me your mail addres I can send you the link.

mine is

just wanted to add.... you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Oh, also, if your going to do anything with the integrated camera you going to need either a blank circuit board (radio shack), a third arm/precision soldier apparatus and a magnifying glass.

I like that kind of mind set. Go for it. I would like to team up with you.

yeah, that's because you overestimate your intelligence...that or you have a severe case of ADD, in which case I recommend adderall. It is possible if the phones camera is a modular unit....if not, you could still extend the serial cable that connects the camera to the main board, make it as long as you want, then hide the camera, and use the phone as your digital interface/module for encoding/interlacing as well as a bus, i would use usb2.0, since there are converter cables available for all camera phones. So YES, Its possible, and cost effective, just time just have to know what your doing.
vic_truter11 days ago

I also have two cameras from a broken cellphone. If I can know which track on the ribboned cable is power and and wich is video I may be able to hack into it and use it.

It will realy nice to share it with everyone. The actual idea is to get two similar screens and convert it into a 3d vission aplication.

sir i try to do this thing by copper wire but it doesn't works phone is hanged , ply suggest me other way to do this as the camera is 21 pin and is connected by ribbon cable
jamngary2 years ago
The camera in a cell phone is just a CCD photosensor, and the "brains" on recording/playing back videos are all in the phone's processor. the best you could do is strip down everything you won't need (e.x.: case, buttons {not the buttons you will need to record with!!}, etc.).
rickharris3 years ago