is there a way to use a joystick from a ps2 controller to move a rc motor forward and reverse ?

 i just wont to know if i can use a  joystick  for forward and reverse on the motor i put a picture of the sort i meen  like useing it like a dtdp switch its for a electric telescope focuser im making i have it set up mag with 2 microswitches for forward and reverse but just wanted to see if i could solder one of the joystick in place and not the microswitches and without a  arduino if anyone can help that would be great thank you

Picture of is there a way to use a joystick from a ps2 controller to move a rc motor forward and reverse ?
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sciclun24 years ago
Interfacing a PS2 controller itself is not easy at all, and requires an electronic interface.
You can take look at a detailed solution here:
rickharris5 years ago
Does the motor need to be an RC servo or can it just be a normal geared Dc motor?

IF Rc then you have to generate the mark space the RC servo needs to operate - this can be done with a 555 timer and this could be controlled by your joystick. Search on line for servo test circuit.

did it for you

IF you want to use a standard DC motor in a simple way then you need an H bridge made from some DPDT switches. the circuit should be around.
swilliams66 (author)  rickharris5 years ago
yer its just a normal motor got it out of a printer yer i just wont to be able to use the joystick like a dtdp switch so that push up is forward and push down is reverse but dont know what wires to solder from the motor to what pins on the joystick thanks for your help i will look in to that
See link to H bridge.

Actually I have posted the circuits in other answers several times so a search here might help you
The joystick can't be used like a switch without additional circuitry. The joystick is basically a pair of variable resistors.

Does the motor have 2 wires or more? If it has more than 2 wires than it is a stepper motor and will require much more that a switch or joystick to drive it.