is there an instructable app for droid?

is there an instructable app for droid?

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mikeasaurus4 years ago
Well here we are 2013 and no one has fixed the app to run on my Samsung galaxy tab 2 7 inch.. guess for my tablet it not alloys in the USA, at least that with Google says not for my device in my country??????? Does this make sense. NOPE Not at all.
Here you go:
mhammed15 years ago
orksecurity6 years ago
If you want one, write one....?

(Personally, I'm of the opinion that any website which can not automatically be formatted to run on a window of CGA or lower resolution is misdesigned. But then, I've always cared much more about content and function than flashiness.)
Kiteman6 years ago

The Apple app isn't much good, though, so you're not missing much.

I have used the app on Roger-X's iPod Touch, and it turned out to be far easier to access the site by simply using the normal browser.

frollard6 years ago
I don't believe so - - somebody prove me wrong please!