is there any small, automatic knex weapons??

the thing i find about knex weapons, is that they all have the basic, pull back the ram to shoot mechanism. there is larger weapons that have motors to automaticaly load, but they are basically just a lot of tiny guns that has a motor so all the triggers are pulled fast. are there any knex weapons that arnt huge, and automatically pulls back the ram, then releases it, so if you turn the motor on, it will automatically shoot?

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DJ Radio7 years ago
bakenbitz made one but it only shoots a few feet. You can find it on KI. It uses a rack and pinion mechanism to shoot.

Extreme builder made a full gun using a modified version of the mech and that one is more powerful, it shoots airsoft BB's. However, it uses a crank, not a motor.
the poodleo (author) 7 years ago
ok... ill have to look at bakenbiz auto turret then... TY
~KGB~7 years ago
bakenbitz made a small full auto turret...
~KGB~7 years ago
bakenbitz an knexinnovation made a small full auto turret...
The problem is parts resolution, so to speak. With the size of k'nex parts, you can't build mechanisms complex enough on a small scale, and the smaller you try, the weaker the firepower is. It's an inverse relationship, faster rate = weaker gun.
unfortunately no