is there any way i can make lava?

in my earth science class if i bring in a cup of lava i get an automatic 100 for my grade for the entire year PLEASE HELP MEEE

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Just for the sake of plausibility, I'm assuming that the lava must be liquid when it goes into the cup (presumably a ceramic mug), but solidified by the time it's delivered. Unless you live in Hawaii or somewhere else with easy access to non-exploding volcanoes, you aren't going to collect any "real" lava. There are a number of ways you could fake it, though. The easiest might be to take a metal with a low melting point like bismuth or lead, chop it into tiny bits, mix with clay-filled soil, and heat it above melting just long enough to stir. Note that, if heated too quickly, your mug is fairly likely to explode, scattering hot clay and/or molten metal everywhere. Another option is to make thin packages of thermite and its (magnesium?) igniters. Place these in a cup full of soil, light them, and see if they can actually melt it. Perhaps the best possibility is to make dirty glass. With the cooperation of a friendly and experimentally-inclined ceramics instructor, you may be able to get a pottery kiln hot enough to melt a cup full of low-fire glaze. Mixing in some borax, powdered laundry detergent, table salt, and/or iron dust might help this to melt thoroughly. This seems the safest choice, but will require some experimentation. Having an expert handy will also reduce the risk of exploding something or burning your house down. (Note that you can make something quite similar to real lava using soil vitrification equipment. Users of this are not likely to allow you near the treated area, as it is mostly used for removing toxic waste from soil.
shaddoty5 years ago
if you light sulfer on fire it might do that
Melt large ammounts of igneous rock with a volcano
fozzy138 years ago
Rock + LARGE HHO torch??
scotchtape110 (author) 8 years ago
he wanted an actual cup of lava but thanks for the idea though
If you didn't know why it was impossible, you didn't deserve the 100. That's the point.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
cup of lava?

hot lava? (from the earth's core?)

or lava from a lava lamp?

just bring your teacher a piece of rock that has been formed from a volcano (igneous)

put that in a plastic cup and tell your teacher to heat it to 3677oC (the temperature of the core)

actually....MAGMA! (cap'd and pointed for Dr. Evilness.) is in the earths core.....and its impossible to see magma (because its under the earth's surface) by the time it reaches the surface your seeing lava!
take your teacher to the center of the earth?
lol plastic cup
do you see what i'm getting at?

getting igneous rock and telling your teacher to heat it to 3677o
hahaha yea i get it 3677 degrees lol