is there any way to make a solar cell?

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cdubnbird8 years ago
yeah just google titanium dioxide and you can make an inefficient solar cell. if you want to make the legite silicon solar cell you need to be able to melt silicon and grow crystals from the melted silicon (like rock candy) in a room with a rating of 1 part per million. (remember crystals grow off dust and you need large crystals, thus only one piece of "dust"- which is actually a starter silicon crystal).
go and smash some solar garden lights and retrieve the solar panel.
It's easier to concentrate sun to produce steam to turn a generator, from a DIY point of view.
Steamdnt8 years ago
I imagine if you managed to hook sever hundred thousand photocells together you could do it.
jtobako8 years ago
There is a simple copper oxide and salt water solar cell.

Batryn8 years ago
I don't think so... look at what it uses, not many people have access to it. And it will be difficult.