is there any way to pass a hair follicle drug test?

are there any products or ways to pass a hair follicle drug test...the test is for methamphetamine..

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It wouldn't help to get a "military" haircut. They can use you arm and leg hair and unmentionable.
judaith8 years ago
Stop freaking Tweaking and if this is for a job, don't try to pass just answer honestly to any "have you used drugs?" questions, inform the employer that you are anticipating a dirty test. If this is for a custody case or because your parents are trying to help you get clean, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! My son tested positive for amphetamine (just amphetamine because as the lab put it, "its chemical composition breaks down after 72 hours" and they could not positively identify the positive read past the classification of amphetamine-anyway he tested positive because he takes AMPHET/D-AMPHETAMINE, 30mg. 2 x's a day, list that as a medication that you have taken on your lab form and it will be expected for you to test dirty. As I said before as a lucky lady who married a tweaker and has spent the last 16 years trying to ease some of the pain his addiction has caused our son, if this is for a custody case, do your kid a favor and get some help. I find it hard to believe that you would have been unaware a test could be coming up when you used and it will not matter if you shave half your scalp off, the crap will be there. I'll share my common sense: if you walked into my clinic for a hair sample and you had a shaved head, I would pull out your arm hairs or nose hairs, something painful but hey, I am not sorry to state that, so please don't think that the dope is only in the hair on your head because I would have to assume that although it may feel as though all the dope went straight to your brain, hair is hair. I could be wrong and I'm sure someone will let me know if I am. i hope you get right because even if you think your actions do not impact anyone else, I hope you realize that I have even invested a few minutes in your problem when I could have been helping a cub scout blow up his toilet. Good luck
shave off all your hair, you need a certain amount for a test to be conclusive. that gives you time to sober up and be clean. this means your "winter coat" as well. But hair test? not a lot of businesses request hair tests because of the cost. This sounds like something "court ordered". your going to have to bite the bullet and come clean, get your self some help.
Kiteman8 years ago
It's dead easy - travel back in time about 5 months and give your past self a huge kick in the Niagaras for being such an idiot as to take the meth in the first place.
lemonie8 years ago
Stop taking the stuff for a couple of weeks and get an Army-grade buzz-cut. L
This person is wrong. sometimes they take hair from other parts of your body. go into your local head shop and ask them about it they do sell a special shampoo and soap combo that will work. i have used no idea what is was called.
You can't wash the substances from out of your hair - if you could, thats some pretty hardcore shampoo. The reason they use follicles is because it stores all sorts of stuff in and around the proteins that make up your hair. The follicle: because it is most recent. As lemonie says - stop taking meth. Skitz is right though - shaving your head wont help for 2 reasons: 1) the follicles are below the surface of the skin, and shaving will do no good 2) they can take hair that isnt on the head :P Short answer: to pass a meth test, dont take meth. I searched a bit - and it seems follicle tests take about 100 days to 'clean out'.
Oh follicle, I missed that and was thinking just hair, as in the sort of test they use for things that clean out of your system more quickly (but are recorded in dead-hair).

Emsaid8 years ago
you could cut your head off...
paganwonder8 years ago
STOP USING METH!!! Life is short enough already- find another way to deal with lifes difficulties. It takes about 4 months for your hair to get 'clean' after you get 'clean'. (That's why the follicle test is used- it's a record of everthing you have ingested)