is there any way to play gameboy color games on a DS lite?

i have a bunch of GBC games, and i would like to be able to play them on my DS lite. Any ideas?

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dcobb55 years ago

im not sure why you thought that, just because it's a 32/64 bit doesn't mean it's not capable of running the gb/gbc software you just have to wire it to the original and file the sides down, the guy also found away to boost the wireless cuz we all know it sux u just need some wire leading off of the card creating two wires making it twice as stronger oh and also you can use all the gb/gbcs! you can't use the ones with the battery packs unless you ground the other wire which is also explained
nuttyboy8126 years ago
there a grooves on the gba carts that the gbc ones dont have find em and cut the plastic simple as that
ploofpixie7 years ago
buy a game boy
Redfox888888 (author) 8 years ago
I think i figured it out, but i'll make an instructable if it does.
did it work?
cdude427 years ago
buy an r4 m3 or something like that and use lameboy.
mechaninja7 years ago
No, it would not be technically possible without a hardware AND software modification as the DS has only a 32/64-bit operating system.