is there such thing as a servo that comes back to its original position when the knob moves back to the normal position?

its to use for ailerons on my rc plane

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jbestell7 years ago
If you mean as the result of a loss signal to the Rx - yes, most modern computer radios will default to neutral on all channels (or to a pre-programmed failsafe position, normally only on the throttle)   when signal is lost. 
seandogue7 years ago
 you may need to trim the mechanical linkage or trim the electrical signal. Nothing is perfect, and servos of all kinds will have slightly different center positions. Secondly, mechanical wear can and will eventually alter the working characteristics, so it's always good to have some sort of adjustment in place...
Isn't that what a servo does anyway ? That's why the controls have trims on them. If your surfaces aren't going where you've put them, there's something wrong.
+1 - the servo should exactly match the position of the control sticks, and if the control is spring loaded, it should re-center.
+ 100.  The servo is not doing this on its own but the transmitter it giving it a signal to make it go back to center position.
actually theres a sensor inside the servo.
The key thing is that the servo tracks the command from the transmitter: if its saying stay "centred", the action of the servo is to get to  and stay at the centre, even though there may be a disturbance trying to force the servo off.