is this KGB Archiver will crash my pc while it Decompressing?

i have some highly compressed file .i'm now afraid to extract them because of  my ram and cpu goes 90%-100%
it shows remaining 160 hours-- file size is 2.7MB and the size before commpression was 700mb.

It will crash my pc ?

Wait, you managed to compress a 700mb file down to 2.7MB? What kind of file was that?

I am seriously doubting that this is possible, there must be something wrong here.

Just in case, try using a different compression software to decompress the file. I'd recommend 7zip. You can even get a portable version of it so that you don't need to install it to run it.

ishan udyoga (author)  CabbitCastle3 years ago

it's not compressed by me,i was downloaded it from internet , thanks