is this a normal amount of knex??? i have 4 sets?

Picture of is this a normal amount of knex??? i have 4 sets?
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110100101107 years ago
happy with it ? thats what matters
DJ Radio7 years ago
Too many rods, not enough connectors (like me)
I'm the opposite
c101 (author) 7 years ago
i can build bout 90% of gorkems niper with this
knexsniper17 years ago
It depends, are you ok with what you have? you may not be able to build all the guns you want, but are you content with what you are able to make?
TigerNod7 years ago
That is about the same amount as I have, it is enough if you only make guns and small stuff but you will probably need more if you want to make some good big stuff.
Mr. Stealth7 years ago
Yea. there are a bunch of things on this site for every amount of Knex. For a small pistol, try TheDunkis's TDS2 side-arm. It works for me. Here is the link.
Der Bradly7 years ago
That's a good amount. Probally about average for most people
I had a lot more when I was a little kid, so it doesn't look like a lot to me :P. But to most people it would be a lot.