is this oscilloscope kit any good?

Picture of is this oscilloscope kit any good?
I think for the money they are amazing. The display is quite big enough to be usable, and its remarkably fast for its technology. I bought 5 for gifts !

And a good gift it was. Thanks :D
andy707075 years ago
It's not that good. For the same price, look up "ARM DSO nano" on eBay. If you want a good, cheap 'scope though, I would suggest the UNI-T UT81B, it's a digital 8MHz scope with PC interface and integrated auto-ranging multimeter. Yuo can also pick up some other 5 and 8MHz scopes without any fancy features for about £90 and £100 online and in maplin.
Re-design5 years ago
It's certainly worth the money.