it is possible to communicate between two arduino UNO via USB and PC?

thinking of using a joystick on one Arduino UNO and a servo on the other, and must communicate via USB through my computer.

have recently started using Arduino. I have tried to look for answers on google with no luck.

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vegisen (author) 3 years ago

my plan is to remotely control the Arduino uno over the internet. using another arduino uno. not just WIFI local network.

then i think it would be easy to connect it to a computer, and perhaps use VLC remote control to the PC and then connect arduino number two. so the main PC thinks that both arduino is connected to the same PC.

maybe it is a easier way to do this? for example Ethernet cable connection to a home network, and the same with home network number two?

hope I managed to explain this well enough.

The best way to go about that would be using an eithernet shield on the arduino. Then you can connect an eithernet cable from a router directly to the arduino. Or you can get a Wi-Fi shield and the arduino can connect to the internet over wi-fi. No need to connect either arduino to a PC yet you can use your PC to send commands to either over the internet.

vegisen (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago

so it's possible to connect both of the arduinos to internet trough ethernets shields, and make then communicate (2-ways comunication for example.) ? :)


Why go through all the trouble of using a PC as a middle man when a single arduino can handle both the stick and the servo. Or you can have the setup you want but the arduinos can communicate directly to each other. No need for a PC.

mpilchfamily is correct there are several serial communication methods that can let your micros talk to each other.

In design you want to look at the bare minimum to accomplish what they need to do your task because it will use the minimum wiring and software code.

Are you poling the talkers or do you need instant response of interrupt driven communications ??