i'v got a micro chip from an old cd drive. i wanna make an amplifier and i was wondering is it equivalent to lm386?

i'v seen the cd audio amplifier instructable but i ripped it apart long ago. surprisingly i'v got the micro that's why i was asking if they are the same purpose.

AndyGadget6 years ago

The LM386 is a mono low power audio amplifier designed to output into headphones or a small loudspeaker.
The final stage of a CD drive outputs a stereo signal which is designed to go into the line inputs of an amplifier; so whatever you've got the impedance is wrong, the power level is wrong and the voltage is wrong.

Go on. treat yourself to a LM386! There's several circuits over there ----->
crazynath (author)  AndyGadget6 years ago
hey! I'v also got a TDA2822 CHIP FROM A mini radio. Does that help?
Yep, there's a power amp for you. For anything else, just enter the part number with 'datasheet' after it to get information on the chip.
lemonie6 years ago

Which one? What is the part number?