i've got 2 very large bamboo bushes and im going to cut it all down any ideas as to what i could do with it all

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whiteoakart8 years ago
Here is a photo of some shakuhachi flutes:
whiteoakart8 years ago
If the bamboo is about 1" diameter or larger, they can make great flutes. You can make Japanese Shakuhachi (played with a basket on your head), Native American flute, a recorder, or a side-blown flute. Important: You must heat treat bamboo or it will split as it dries. I can send you links to a great place to start. The beauty of a bamboo flute is that you carry it everywhere and if anyone bothers you, it is tough enough to defend yourself with it. Just ask Kwai Chang 'Grasshopper' Cain. Or, if you're too young to remember "Kung Fu", he's also Bill, of "Kill Bill".
nc5278 years ago
dont cut it all down, leave some for when you find an ible to need some.
Coffee bean8 years ago
large hut wet bar thing for a pool, blowgun, bows, whistles, people poking device, decorations.
bowmaster8 years ago
Make a complete ninja arsenal. Then send it to me.
PitStoP8 years ago
Why cut them down? I love bamboo. They're good for shade. I'll take them =)
send instructables on a search for bamboo projects their is quite a few to choose from