iyogi is still on my computer how to get rid of it

I down loaded iyog and I stopped the service but now every time I start my laptop the repair screen pops up, I have tried everything I know of to rid my computer of this pest I have been trying for over a year to rid my laptop of this orphan program please help it is driving me to drink (not really) thanks for any help, dog of war

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dogofwar (author) 7 years ago
all you need to do is rebuild the index and it will work what you had was just a program that was indexed and never updated. so it keep coming back or parts of it. when ever you have programs that cannot be found in the conventional way it almost always is a index problem. my many thanks to everyone here for all the advice so I must take the best answer award myself. after two years of trying to get it off my laptop it just came to me and what I did worked yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a beer for every on here ( cyber beer lol)
NancyC1211 year ago

I hope your answer helps me regarding getting iyogi off my computer for good. I thought I was hooking up with HP and this was their support group and all of a sudden they said they would take care of the issues on my computer and I gave them the ability to go on and take care of the issue and the next thing I knew I was paying them for support help for the next year. It was a nightmare trying to get rid of them and I thought I had and all of a sudden they showed up as an advertisement and took over my computer.

BetsyS72 years ago

Since I got rid of iyogi I can't download anything. Not rootkits Windows updates, nothing. Could it be something they did to my computer.

mediabeing5 years ago
I went to TUCOWS.COM and found Advanced Uninstaller FREE. It worked fine.
iyogivirus6 years ago
I am soooo p'd off with this iyogi. The sad thing is, Lexmark uses their phone number for customer support. Before I realized what they were all about, they had invaded my pc. they ask permission to access my pc and thinking that they were Lemxark, I allowed it. It wasn't until we got to the diagonsis that they explained how they could fix everything on my pc for a fee and sign up for yearly fees. Lexmark should be ashamed of itself and please, i hope anybody dealing with this co. finds and reads this first. I cannot remove them from my pc because it is hidden
Burf7 years ago
The easiest and most effective way to get rid of it is to back up your documents, photos, settings, etc to an external device and then do a clean install of your O.S.
Brutal, but it almost always works.
If you do that, be sure to do a complete scan of the files you saved before putting them on your PC just to be sure you don't load it back onto your system.
dogofwar (author)  Burf7 years ago
yes I have to think about all that clean install ?  the problem the iyogi thing is now where to be found can I not just delete it some how and thanks for the help any help that I get is grateful received, just to let you know I am new here and I read and reply to all answer anything less would be insulting so thank very much for your time and help.
Burf dogofwar7 years ago
Well, its just a guess on my part but I would presume that it is a root kit buried in the registry. Therefore, you would probably need a script designed specifically to remove it. You could check some of the major anti-virus makers websites, Norton, McAffe, etc., and see if they have a free removal tool for your particular bug.
I really know of no other way to remove these things except for the system re-install I mentioned above.
dogofwar (author)  Burf7 years ago
yes I down loaded a program called root reveler and it seems to scan the whole computer registry, so it looks like burf  you gave me the Idea of looking for a better root checker then the one  I had very interesting I am trying on xp then I will try it on the vista where the problem is at and thanks
lemonie7 years ago
From limited information (found via Google) - you may need to scrub the disk and re-install everything.

blkhawk7 years ago
I think that probably you may have to install the software again and uninstall with the add/remove software utility in Windows Control Panel. It is not an elegant solution but if I were you I would try it before I made a clean reinstall of the operating system.