joule thief without resistor??

I want to make a joule thief,  but I don't have the 1k ohm resistor, so what can I use instead? or will it work without the resistor? Thanks for answer!

iceng3 years ago

Don't use a transistor either, cause NO resistor, or capacitor, or inductor will destroy the transistor.

Try to use a high current TO-3 NPN and wind the base coil with 31 gauge wire, that might survive with no resistor.

-max-3 years ago

I have made joule thieves without resistors, but transistors in a TO(@ package will overheat. Use a MJE3055T or better. Almost amy resistor will work somewhere close in that range. Surely you can find one?

Nighter3D3 years ago

Anything close to 1k should do fine. i wouldn't do it without a resistor though. would allow a bit too much current through Ib.

You can use a few small resistors in series or a couple of larger (say 2.2k) in parallel to get something close to a equivelant resistor.

mrandle3 years ago

2 500 ohm in series maybe? Or any other combination that will equal 1000.