just wondering how to use some of these cnc stepper controllers with usb ?

i dont have parrallel ports on my computer only usb. i would like to run a machine from my compaq presario laptop.

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AndyGadget7 years ago
You say parallel in your question. Are you SURE it is parallel?  If so, you can use one of these.  (Make sure you use a full 1284 spec adaptor.)
If it is serial, use a USB to serial adaptor as Jayefuu suggests.
Oooops didn't realise he wrote parallel.  I should read questions better :D
On reflection, and it would still take some programming, I'd use one of these


They're a very good building block for USB projects.
USB to parallel adapters exist. Try one of them.

Jayefuu7 years ago
You could use a USB-RS232 convertor.... something like this perhaps. I use one similar to connect to a microcontroller I have.