kayak pvc engine mounts?

Hi i saw a lot of videos in you tube about the kayaks engine mount but they don't tell measurements or anything can you please help me if you have it something with a diagram so i can follow it thanks.merry christmas

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rickharris1 month ago

AND the OP is too busy to come back with the information!

And we know every youtube video out there and your specific details how?


Amazing help question about unknown material kayak, unknown IC or EE engine, definitely a tube mount, impossible measurements, or diagram with no known skill set == unknown follow abilities.. Just beyond my magic Xtal ball and that is still at the polisher... Happy and safe surface water propulsion in the coming year..

You are saying that right before the busy xmas time you send your crystal ball away for a shine and polish????
Shame on you, you should have known that I was too lazy to get the dust wiped off mine....
How do with fix his problem now?

I put it to the polisher in October but my guy got a lung problem from inhaling his polish dust and sadly may have to give up his vocation.. Do take care when you dust yours !

So here we are dependent on Egardol to supply some starting info...

You can borrow mine - Freshly polished. (Note only receives PAL video)


Nice offer but I let mine collect so much dust to overcome my addiction of using it LOL

Please provide at least some link(s), images or such.