knex gear box?

hey everyone i need help on my current procect it is very large and a part the swings around and if i turn off the moter it clicks alot and sometimes breaks so i need a gearbox that has a nuteral (where it can spin on its own) and a 1st gear and 1st gear needs to be slow.

wabawaba6 years ago
or just google it
wabawaba6 years ago
um if u can take a look at a airsoft gearbox it could help heres a pic

knexfreak957 years ago
i can help u on skype
To build a gearbox you need large and small gears. The power source is attached to a rod, on the rod is the large gear. Put a rod above the first one and attach a small gear onto it (make sure the gears are interlocked with each other) then put another large gear on the rod with the small gear. Then repeat this so large gears always spins the small gears. Hope that helped. (i dont know how to make one with gears)