knex gun that uses micro parts?

i need a gun with micro parts im trying to make something like project paws but with micros

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here's one, i get about 15 ft of range:
Spycrab7 years ago
Yeah, the rods and connectors don't match the exact system as the bigger k'nex, and i haven't seen any mini k'nex guns on this site, so you could be the first! :D
Hiyadudez8 years ago
Well, there are only a couple of micro knex things on this site as not many people use them: Made by Qwerty2008

or the Made by K.S.E.

However, you could just build anyones gun on this site, but use the micro parts instead of the regular pieces.

Hope this helps.
deadaccount (author) 8 years ago
i will keep trying but it is hard to do cause i have the new micro parts and not all of them match the big ones but i will keep trying
chopstx8 years ago

Just build the gun in the instructions with micro pieces and vwola! A micro gun!
It may be smaller but if you make something like the OKP,which, sady, oompa loompa deleted the instructable. =(, would be an ultra spy gun!

Hope this helps!

deadaccount (author) 8 years ago
i already have the tds made of micro parts by K.S.E. so i need more plz