knex ironman mag help?

so im working on a new gun and want to use somesort of ironman mags. but instead of the large fairly bulky mag i redesignd the mechanism. so it would be slimmer offering a smaller overall gun but i cant find a way to get ironman mags to work with a yellowcon-greenrod-yellowcon. with the typical bendy rod method any ideas of what i can do?or is this just a forlorn hope. also i should be done by this will be up late friday or mid saturday.:)

TheChemiker7 years ago
If you don't build it the way he did, the rest of it won't work either. You will have to use an external mag pusher.
No idea what you're on about
tubanator-2.0 (author)  TwistedParadox7 years ago
i basically just need some help with making ironman69's non-rubber band mag smaller to just fire gray connectors (thats the kind of mag)i cant seem to get the mag any smaller without having it be really difficult to load.