knex katana?

i'm looking for a long knex katana

sort by: active | newest | oldest    here you go comes with a sheath and every thing just build it from the pics its pretty simple. just needs to be reinforced for battle best knex katana on this site
Redrover95 said, dang i love this sword i have seen all the katanas on this site and this is the stongest and most realistic yet. Redrover95 said it not me.
this sword i just gave the link for can be as long as you want it to be or as short as you want it to be. Also since i built this sword i would consider not to hit at something too hard. But you can swing as hard as you want to in the air and it won't break. it won't break if you swing it at something it's just if you do it as hard as you can it will break a little. best knex sword i've made. so, yeah.