knex sniper

um i have the knex big air ball tower and the thriller or something like that rollercoaster. im gonna make a gun cause i already have one pistol but i wanna know what gun can i make using those parts and how powerful. id like it to be a sniper but most of the snipers i dont think i have pieces for. dont worry about difficulty i can build anything (not to brag)

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hawk454 years ago
srv2 but it taks ot meany parts so knexfreek360 open bolt rifl
KnexFreek8 years ago

I would suggest viccieb1993's spirani rifle. It is one of the highest rated guns of all time because it is powerful, long range, and is sweet looking.
Build the v1 because it uses the least amount of pieces. Here is a link to a gun
it was in the top 10 guns of 09 so itsa pretty awesome
hope that helped

Lowney8 years ago
Why have you asked the exact same question twice?
TigerNod8 years ago
The Knex gun with new firing system is not too bad, it was the first slingshot ever made. It's very piece effiecient, easy to build, and its range is very satisfieing for new knexers. But it is also very flimsy and uncomfy. Here is the link:
The FSSR and mod it into the FSSR-C when I post it, (later this week).
knexguy8 years ago
ZKAR V2 or the ZKAR on KI are good sniper weapons, and don't use that many parts compared to most. KI is by the way.
Lowney8 years ago
The SRv2 has a 500ft range if you build the full barrel. If not you can EASILY shorten it as it is a slingshot gun.
King_Banana8 years ago
storm 221
i made that, and it shot about 6 in. (not even out of the barrel!)
yeah, but thats you.
That's also me.
I know. Just like when you build my rifle i didn't work that well.
Bartboy Owenmon8 years ago
Someothing was obviousley wrong.
actually same thing happened to me
Owenmon8 years ago
Viccie's Snipari rifle (i know i didn't spell it right XD) v2 is teh bomb
Dsman's sniper is good, so are viccie's, thedunkis is making a cool xm8, look at that when it's finished.
now its trauts making it.
well, i guess you could say it's a collaboration.