laptop will not start up. lights come on but hard drive won't spin and lcd stays off. Does anyone know what is wrong?

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Wicky8 years ago
This could very well be what I encountered yesterday.. Try this: 1. Turn laptop off. 2. Remove power adapter. 3. Remove battery. 4. Hold down power button for 40-60 seconds.(I believe this resets the bios.) 5. Now it should start up again. This worked for me, good luck.
gmxx8 years ago
I had a similar problem with an hp pavilion dv1000. I opened it to fix usb and Ethernet, put it back together to turn it on, booted once, and then never worked again. It sounds like a hard drive problem to me. Try burning a linux live cd (ubuntu is very user friendly, at and booting off that cd. The live cd wont effect your hard drive, but if it is able to boot off of the cd, then the problem is with your hard drive. Hope i helped.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
try taking it to a shop? does the fan spin? are there any other sounds? try a new hdd
Fan Spins, Hard drive d0eoesn't spin, lcd doesn't turn on
can you eject the CD rom?
press like 7 keys on the keyboard at one time, does it beep?
can you turn it off by the button or do you have to take the barrery out ? and what make and model is it ?
I can use the button, and its an Hp Pavilion zv5000. It was given to me because the power supply was bust, so I opened it up (CAREFULLY) to fix that, After putting it together again it doesn't boot. The power lights come on , but the display stays off and the HDD doesn't spin.
I had a problem on my laptop that sounds the same as this one so I flashed the bios and it started working again hope this helps
Plasmana8 years ago
Are you using a mac or PC computer?
aman09 Plasmana8 years ago
Its an Hp Pavilion,