laser cutting?

Can you use a laser cutter to do the metal cuts?

If so, do you have any advice on using the laser cutter for this purpose?

bekathwia1 month ago

Most laser cutters you'll come across are not powerful enough (cut paper and plastic, etch but not not cut metal). I have produced short runs of jewelry cut with a laser, and I had it done at a metalworking facility with a very powerful laser usually used to cut decorative screens out of sheet steel.

You can use a metal band saw to rough in shapes (if you've got one), but honestly it's about the process and skill of making by hand that makes jewelry so special in the first place. And it's relaxing too. =D

If there's a place I'd nominate for time-saving in the whole process, it would be sanding. The flexshaft makes that process MUCH faster than doing it all by hand.

YukonJulie (author)  bekathwia1 month ago

Thanks Becky,

That's very helpful and I agree that it's the hand work that makes jewelry so special to begin with. Thank you for the excellent jewelry class - I found it really clear and easy to follow.