laser trip wire?

I need to build a laser security system. I already have an alarm that works by shorting two wires with a trigger switch there by activating the alarm. I want to activate this alarm with a laser trip wire. I don't want to get a whole security system I just want to get the laser emitter and the receiver. I can't find this part any where. If somebody could help me find this part I would apreciate it.


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Howdy nurdee1,

Check out this instructable: . Does that help you?

Don't hesitate to contact me know if you have any questions or comments (

Are you looking for a pre-built system, or do you want to make your own circuit?
nurdee1 (author)  Awesome-aniac5 years ago
I want a system that will have an open circuit until the laser beam is broken and then it will close the circuit.
WWC5 years ago
We have no idea where you are! Do you live in Antarctica?
nurdee1 (author)  WWC5 years ago
Sorry I am in the US.
rickharris5 years ago
Standard laser pointer and an LDR photo cell will do it use a photo transistor if you need to use over a long distance.

If you want a totally invisible system use an IR transmitter and receiver set.

To be honest ordinary light from an LED will work if you put it in a tube to narrow the field of view.

The difficulty is getting and keeping them lined up you need some sort of adjustable system
protolabs5 years ago
i think you can use a photo cell, but look here. this guy uses a trip wire to activate the camera.
watch the video: