laws regarding slingshots in the uk??

ok so i have a barnett black widow slingshot and havent brought it out of the house yet,id like to go and knock some cans down in a field but is that legal?

any help is appreciated

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Bigredjosh4 years ago
Im in the uk, been looking for this my self. Both the police and citizens advice have said the same. Long and short, its legal mate. You shoot some one or somthing you shouldnt your going down. Assualt, gbh, assault with, the list is long and harsh. So, dont be a muppet. Stick to cans and pastic bottles and your good. This is the correct reply. The rest are opinions not facts.
lemonie7 years ago
You might need permission from the owner of the field.
With regard to Offensive Weapons Act 1996
You can read that an offensive weapon is:
"any article made or adapted for use for causing injury to the person, or intended by the person having it worth him for such use by him (or some other person)"

Just don't annoy anyone and you should be OK. You'd still be a minor, so you're unlikely to be treated harshly if anyone did object.


35Timmy lemonie4 years ago
there's going to be a update i am not sure when acording the source you put in, but i am very sure that theres no harm in asking when.
sharlston (author)  lemonie7 years ago
well its sort of a field theres a field on one side and a train track on the other side so its sort of like a dirt track
i would say go crazy but just dont shoot living things that will tell the police or be used against you in an investigation :)
You'll be ok with it so long as you don't take it to a public park or an area with lots of people. Just use a bit of common sense, don't shoot pets, glass...
Take it ratting, but try to get permission first.
In the UK, you can own a catapult, crossbow legally  but not a gun. weird but true!
sharlston (author)  Green Silver7 years ago
shooting rats as pest control
I glade i live in america so i can go in my backyard and do justa bout what ever i want lol
not exactly in America you can still get charged for Assault,murder or robbery if you use it illegally however it would be allowed according to the law if it is protect life from person or animal for example if Someone robs some one with a gun then it would be allowed to law to shoot the robber or if someone drowns so
Then it would be allowed to law to save someone's life however you cannot just shoot Someone without a lawfully valid reason another law says if somone is cornering another person agenst will with deadly force then they have to give a warning to say they are trained and to stop
i can do whatever i want in my back garden :)
djiang6 years ago
i have a slingshot but it doesn't have a wrist brace. all my slingshots are homemade and a lot more powerful than the one i bought from some market. and after1 year i still havent been arrested for it yet.
Jake19957 years ago
I don't know much about the laws of the UK other than that you can't own a gun, but I imagine that you could just look up what constitutes a weapon in some site on UK laws.  I personally think that a gun should be legal let alone simply devices such as slingshots.  I live in the US so that isn't a problem for me and I own several guns, but I would think a slingshot would be legal even there.
I don't think there are specific laws about them. Nuisance perhaps, and can't use an offensive weapon except on private land.

I didn't find anything specific, but as you say "on private land" might annoy a person.

sharlston (author)  lemonie7 years ago
i dont know who owns the land so i dont know who to ask
Well, they either won't notice or tell you to clear-off, then you'll know...

sharlston (author)  lemonie7 years ago
ha we have lots of that in the school holidays on our scholfield if the caretaker comes leg it
caarntedd7 years ago

Of no help at all, but a point of interest, slingshots are legal in Australia (at least where I am) as long as they don't have the arm brace attatched. I think it's a bit strange.

sharlston (author)  caarntedd7 years ago
well mine does have a brace attached