lcd to motherboard problems for original xbox!

Im building a original xbox laptop and im having problems figuring out how to wire a lcd screen into the motherboard? i have a xbox harddrive already loaded up with all the games. it has been modded already so im covered on that! so that means i wont need the drive bay nomore! already got my case configured and im just tryin to figure this last detail out so it will all fall in place!! its going to be pimp cuz im not cutting no corners!

nfarrow8 years ago
Go Buy a LCD-MOD There are alot more things you will need to connect the LCD to your xbox if you don't buy an LCD-MOD. hope this helps

LCD-MOD Info Site
burgh1978 (author)  nfarrow8 years ago
well i went on the net lookin for the lcd-mod and also to the site u posted and guess what it wont let ya in nomore! so i started searching the net to see if i could buy one and that hasnt been turning up any luck niether! so if u got anymore places for me to check i would appreciate it!!
burgh1978 (author)  nfarrow8 years ago
hey thanx for replying! ive been tryin to figure this out and it has been a hard one cuz im just getting started into the build of a laptop! besides everybody is doing the 360 so i thought i would do my own and keep the original xbox alive!!