li-ion nokia battery charging with original charger, but WITHOUT THE PHONE?

Can anyone help to give some very basic answer i guess..Is it possible to charge the nokia phone battery, outside of the phone with the original wall charger connected to its + and - pins? I need this for my small LED project which i need to use li-ion battery LED flashlight.
Thanks A lot.

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SunnyM71 year ago

NO the charger is a power supply, the smarts are actually in the phone.

cdroman (author) 4 years ago
Thanks for the info guys, but for my project I'm building actually using an old nokia phone CASE only, without the motherboard inside (where is the charging electronics located) and want to use the battery compartment for the battery connected to a 4 LEDS..i.e. flashlight. So I was can I charge the battery with the original charger, using the female connector salvaged from motherboard. I know that there is a circuit within the battery, but as steveastrouk said there isa smart part in the phone that controls the current, I guess to sense the battery presence too. I know there is a solution.. I'll keep searching.
Thank again ...
Go Modding:)
frollard4 years ago
I tried one of the same thing earlier & no it will not work
Try this (work's good) 
i am not telling you to buy this online(i hate online shopping).
A thing like that should work for your need
Have fun
Generally, NO the "charger" is a power supply, the smarts are actually in the phone.