life sign ?

hey i was wondering the human body lets off a elctrical siganal could you make a device that can track it and also could  i use a microphone to that picks up the siganal of the human heart or thermal imaging for life sign dector 

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iceng6 years ago
Takes a low pass and a notch filter with some fancy DSP algorithms
that fail on people like me who take Inderal.

tinker234 (author)  iceng6 years ago
ok then but what about the herts sound wave can i usse that
iceng tinker2346 years ago
I know hurts.
I am no sound technician but a spectral analysis of the beatle or any
other kind of sound should give you the numerical values for a FFT
to single out the presence of the sound you seek using a DSP or fast

So, you didn't like my super hints :-(

Yea... nobody values free sh_ _ these days..  TANJ
tinker234 (author)  iceng6 years ago
well i vaule a fewlow meber of instructables .com opion it is just that i am looking for answer for evrrything
iceng tinker2346 years ago
and a life time to find out human brain is too small.

There is a society for odd knowledge.
tinker234 (author)  iceng6 years ago
i know and the human mind is only used at 10 percent for evryone so humans a re unabler to reach there full potanal f onkly they findo out soon
iceng tinker2346 years ago
Can we believe this popular mental defect. Did we once use 90% and had a
need to do so. Ask the Myth Busters about that one.

Being an Idea guy, you are charged to consider weather teachers and politicals
are giving us true information, certainly enough lies have been revealed daily.

tinker234 (author)  iceng6 years ago
i know the mind is so unstable howevere there was a drug that allowed 80 percent however our mind would basically go deat at over 10 percent
rickharris6 years ago
1. No not a significant level of electrical activity can be detected other than by direct skin electrodes.

2. Yes you could BUT it would need to be very directional, very sensitive (can you hear your heart normally?) and would also amplify every other sound.

3. Yes thermal imaging cameras are commonly used by the fire brigade and military
tinker234 (author)  rickharris6 years ago
well this is strange but we do have a elctrical counductivity and also we have a cerrent frequncy our hearts proudce
Yes we do, BUT it isn't detectable any any distance from the skin surface - that's why in Hospital they have to stick contact points all over you - I know I have had it done.

Thermal and mechanical noise (breathing movement clothes moving etc) is about the only thing your going to detect at any distance.
tinker234 (author)  rickharris6 years ago
i kmnow i need a specfic frequnicy for all of those
iceng tinker2346 years ago
Yes, but unlike Man made machine actuators, hearts only reveal the
minute ontrol signals. The work ( main heart movement ) is produced by
chemical ATP action which does not generate any electrical power
signature to observe except in syfy.

As an inventor ( what have you invented ? what have you patented ? )

you are on the track of a good tau.  Every hotel will gladly pay for a
room device that can detect occupancy and still preserve
personal privacy.
I know because I walk the same path now and then myself.


tinker234 (author)  iceng6 years ago
well we give off heat but a pair of gogles is a bad idea so what about that and i have made many things but most usally are just desin because some are 2 much money
iceng tinker2346 years ago
No manager will even allow bathroom IR devices in rooms
too many people sue over being watched.

Never understood why the reluctance to adapt PIR for the purpose.

I give you two hints,
  • Every hotel room has a smoke alarm.
  • During Vietnam war some work was done on pheromones there was a beatle that started scratching when near a viet cong.