lightup 11w or 15w CFL from a 12v DC 32ah battery ?

Is there any way to lightup 11w or 15W CFL from a 12v DC 32ah battery ? if yes, can u provide me the circuit diagram ? (I want to lightup 3 cfl bulbs for home use.. ) Thanks

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hsingh205 years ago
We are manufacturer of CFL Inverters that light up 3 CFLs of 15W Power with 12Volt 7Ah Battery.

Anyone Interested can contact me at for more info
Cfl 250.jpgCfl 250.jpg

Good day Hsingh, I'm interested to know if you are still selling the CFL inverters as above, Joe.

what price for this small inverter, for

i am using a 65 ah,12 v battery. i want to check its voltage drain out with time ,so that i could know from a batch which battery is more reliable to take to the remote field work.

any suggestion how do i find the best and reliable battery.

labatt7 years ago
 Yes it is very possible to run upto 18w cfl from 12volts battery, in several cases i have implemented using lower power batteries i.e 7ah which would power 3-5 lamps for 5 days 4hours per day each. 

Here is the concept, CFL lamps either the AC version or DC version are all identical at the tube/coil level, the difference comes only ate the input voltage which then dictates the circuitry.

In my implementations i have kept it simple using 12v batteries with solar 12 volts CFL. When you break inside the solar 12v CFL lamps you will find a 12 volt dc aka inverter + stricker that basically lights up the CFL.

Modifications are either you remove the simple coil tube and replace it with the ordinary fluorescent tubes, just the way instruction are in this site for the ac version.( simple remove the circuit and attach them to the ordinary 240/120 volts AC tube must work) use max 18w tube

In my country it is very hard to find 12volts solar CFL at 14W and above, so my modification is simple again,get a 14W ...18W...23W CFL that uses AC and 120/240...Volts remove the  tube/coil tube and fit it into the 12v solar CFL... simply works and you will have a higher wattage CFL.

CFL circuitry are identical irrespective of the wattage unless  the high wattage which has extra heat sink around the transistors

technews8 years ago
killerjackalope , thanks for the fast response :)
but i was not looking for a inverter circuit which is already available in this site. :(

But i was thinking about a circuit which comes inside the CFL Solar Luminaries that converts D/C to A/C within the CFL ballast itself.
Each CFL light is having it's on D/c to A/c converter technique !

I'm not convinced the internal circuit steps up from 12V, you'd probably have to build your own. Unless you can figure out how the existing ones work and modify them. L
You'd need an inverter... Unless you did some clever modifying of the bulbs with inverters from LCDs or some such, you could just use a different Type of light like LEDs to save you using an inverter...