list of 38Khz ir receiver ? i want to buy an IR receiver, but i could not find tsop1738 on my town


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frollard7 years ago
I've never heard of infrared being used for megahertz range transmission...

as serial data goes, it's in the kilohertz range:

TSOP 38.0 KHZ  based on those search results.
Rendydevara (author)  frollard7 years ago
oh thanks a lot, yeah you are righ 38 khz not 38 mhz.
i'm forgot.
Glad it helps - whatever you make, try and get photos and throw up an instructable or slideshow!
Rendydevara (author)  frollard7 years ago
i have one, 

If I were you I'd use a VS1838B (but it doesn't work very well in sunlight) or a TSOP38238 (or are those gone like the other TSOP you couldn't find?)

BTW there's a list of TSOPs here, but most of them are for more than 38khz, which might make them more expensive?

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Rendydevara (author)  delphine shen6 years ago
thank you very much...

Rendy Devara