look in to other PC?

is there any software or ways to look in to other pc monitor? my friend sai there is an software where if we give an IP address mean we can see wat they are doing in their PC. thanks.

cyprusrom8 years ago
I use CrossLoop. Like someone else suggeste, you need the software installed on both machines:


rich_moe8 years ago
There is a free download of a program called VNC. You have to install the server and client files, but it will allow you to do just what you want. Remember to read the FAQ's on the website (google : VNC) and download the software. It is written for most platforms and OS's (XP/Vista/*nix, etc).
NachoMahma8 years ago
. There are many "remote desktop" apps, but, AFAIK, they all require both parties to be running the software. I don't know of any app that will allow you to look at the desktop of just any computer.