looking for leather embelishments?

I am making cuff bracelets, where you wrap the leather or suede around the raw brass cuff.  however, before wrapping the leather, i sew on embelishments.  I have been unsuccessful in finding such large embelishments.  Conchos won't work because the metal on the bottom won't stick to the brass cuff.  any suggestions for website to check out?  i have been hitting dead ends for over a month.

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Burf4 years ago
azbijou (author)  Burf4 years ago
Yes, I shop there often but they only have the conchos, not embelishments that you take from underneath on to the leather so you don't see the thread. The conchos they have have the metal on the underside and this won't stick to the raw brass material.
Can you post a link to a photo of what you mean ? You could always flatten he back of the item and then epoxy it to the brass.
azbijou (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago

I'm looking at the embellishments on the cuffs, big and bold. you somehow attach them to the leather and then on to the cuff. I have been using big stones but you still see the thread, you don't on these.
And they're not just riveted ?
rickharris4 years ago
Try embossing.
azbijou (author)  rickharris4 years ago
I have embossed but it doesn't provide the look i want.