looking for step by step instructions on making my own hydraulic juice press. i can't afford those expensive ones.?

diypress1 year ago
Does it have to be hydraulic? 

I mean you can get some pretty good mechanical advantage just using levers, or even ratchets, or jackscrews, or...

The plans on this page
are for homemade machines that squeeze the water out of biomass briquettes, but such a contrivance might also work for squeezing the juice out of fruit. 
rickharris3 years ago
rickharris3 years ago
The old way to do it is wrap the pulp in sacking (clean of course) stack them up - Put some sturdy boards on top and insert car jack so it presses down between the frame and the pile of pulp.
frollard3 years ago

shows it pretty obvious...

2 plates separated by 4 pillars (use heavy gauge threaded rod)...

insert a hydraulic cylinder...