machine machine has a small oil leak.

The RCA Whirlpool washing machine is 10 years old. It works perfectly, but it has a small OIL leak at the left front of the washing machine. Joe.

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Re-design8 years ago
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"Washing Machine Leaking Oil
Is there a fix for dirty oil that is leaking onto the the floor from my washing machine? Is this a do- it-yourself project?

No.. probably not a DIY project. The oil is coming from the transmission .. it shouldn't leak oil of course, so there is no way to add it (that I know of) and replacing the transmission is about the hardest thing to replace on a washer.

Oil Leak?

My ultra dry washing machine seems to be leaking a small amount of oil from under the agitator. I was wondering how I might be able to take off the agitator to see where the oil is coming from. I looked in the manual, they said there should be oil free bearings on the machine or they are sealed in a permanent supply of lubricant. The machine is only about 7 years old.

There is two styles of agitators with the Ultra washers. The older style was held on by a bolt just under the cap, the second type of which I believe you have is a bit of a pain to remove but I have found it easier to use a belt slid under the agitator & with a hard & quick sharp upward pull the agitator should release from the hub. The bad news here is that the transmission will require replacement, but if you machine is only 7 years the good news as long has you have your bill of sale or can obtain it from where you purchased the machine the transmission should be warranted for 10 years. You will only have to pay for the labor & the hub & seal kit. Be sure to call a Ultra service center to obtain your warranty."
Re-design8 years ago
Washing machines have transmissions. It's what makes the agitator go back and forth and the drum spin. As the bearings wear the seals don't seal good anymore and the transmission leaks. Sometimes they contain grease but that grease breaks down and some of it will leak out as oil. Get ready to replace the tranny or the whole machine soon. (it might run for another 10 years though you never know)
I've seen old twin-tub transmission units,I think leakage being very improbable esp in this location and it's not a twin-tub. I can't see a machine of this age having a fluid-filled gearbox. ? L
seandogue8 years ago
From Lemonie's possible implication, is the washer leveled? And do you over fill it with clothes? Either of those situations will cause slop even in a new washing machine.
lemonie8 years ago
Oil? That's odd.
It'll have bearings, most likely a drive belt, but I wouldn't expect oil in a machine that's only late 90's. You are sure that oil is leaking from this machine?