make Norton Internet security 2008 full version?

 make Norton Internet security 2008 full version?

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If you want free Anti-virus, try Avast!. Totally free, and still a good program. DO NOT EVER USE MACAFEE. NEVER.
thegeeke6 years ago
Norton sucks. Download Comodos free software from

Make sure to remove norton with add/remove programs, and then search the registry and remove everything named norton or symantic. (It will not let you remove everything, that's OK, remove all you can.) You need to do this whenever you change from one brand of anti-virus to another, they don't play well together.

I fix computers for a living... I can't tell you how often someone's computer is screwed up by having more than one anti-virus program on their computer.
lemonie7 years ago
Guessing your location:


Marsh7 years ago
Pay them and they will upgrade you to 2010.
Get it for $22.00 on ebay.
There is no way I advocate stealing software.
Personally, I have given up on Norton its too intrusive and eats resources. We use Macafee.

Re-design7 years ago
Log into norton site and pay the fee.