make a daylight only wildlife feeder?

I want to create a feeder such as a tub with quarter inch mash on top and a motor in a timer that slides the mesh off at daylight and slides it closed at dusk. I want to attempt to train the local wildlife to show up during the day. a timer would work as well but I'm not sure how to set a motor to open and close the lid.

Or you could use an automatic feeder that just dispenses food ata certain hour like this:

Vyger4 years ago

Animals, like birds, that feed only in the daylight will not show up at other times. And night feeding animals will not switch to day just to accomadate a timer.

tincupchalice (author)  Vyger4 years ago

Incorrect. Deer are easily trainable. Deer can be trained walk specific trails that are manipulate and trained to feed during the day if their favorite foods are only available during the day. This involves opening a feeding trough in the am and closing it in the evening. I don't always have the time to do this so I'm looking for a way to set it up on a timer. Please read up on your facts please before posting an irrelevant reply that does nothing to answer the question. Thanks...