make a transformer?

I am wondering how to make a homemade transformer for an early tesla coil (the kind with the flat primary and secondary coils).
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The circuit you have there is a magnifying transmitter (Tesla magnifier) it is not merely a transformer however the part in the red box is a high voltage transformer.
What kind of transformer do you want to make what you have described isn't detailed enough "the kind with the flat primary and secondary coils" do you mean one of these1, one of these2 or one of these3?
I believe the two things you are pointing at are capacitors.
josh1324 (author)  The MadScientist6 years ago
Yeah, I thought they were capacitors, but I wasn't sure. I mean one of Nikola's first tesla coils where there is just a pancake coil of magnetic wire(secondary) and the outer edge of it normal wire(primary). I am looking to make a high voltage transformer to hook up to the primary(and caps and spark gap) by hand like he would have done. Kind of coil I mean for primary/secondary: click
What you're looking at is merely the way the circuit has been drawn it is not actually flat it looks like this. In the second picture to the left you will see this part of the circuit you will see it's not flat. A high voltage transformer to power it I have tried to make before it's really hard to do right for a beginner I would suggest using an ignition coil (look them up pretty good HV source).
josh1324 (author)  The MadScientist6 years ago
what do you mean by ignition coil? One like this? or some other kind of transformer?
Yes that one they are found in cars.
josh1324 (author)  The MadScientist6 years ago
Thank you :) But did you click my hyperlink? It shows the flat pancake coils.
I saw the flat spiral coils and I am very sure that is just the way it has been drawn I have never seen a Tesla coil or magnifying transmitter with two flat spiral coils like that.
josh1324 (author)  The MadScientist6 years ago
I think his first ones were flat, but then he discovered that the cylindrical ones are better. But I'm not sure, you might be right.
Re-design6 years ago
Those are capacitors. But when that drawing was done they were probably called condensers.

You can make a transformer. All you have to do is wind the right number of turns of the right sized wire on the right amount and shape of Iron laminations and you have what you need. In the early days of electricity everyone had to wind their own transformers since the few that were available were too expensive or did not fit the specs.