make water bottle holder for bicycle?

how to construct a water bottle holder for bicycle

Dianamite8 years ago
The most creative bottle holder I've seen was the frame from a Bodum type French press coffee maker.  If you've ever used one, the glass breaks pretty easily so it's not hard to find one with the glass gone.  A couple of zap straps hold it to your bike and it fits the larger water bottles (like nalgene or whatever) nicely.

something like this: - with the glass gone you have a nice shiny cage for your water bottle.

3/32" coat hanger wire 2 hose clamps patience OR bikenashbar sale pricegrabber google shopping you can get a camebak type bladder instead, on sale for $5 IF YOU KNOW HOW TO LOOK
yo man8 years ago
well go down to the sport shop a get one
lemonie8 years ago
You know what these look like - get some stiff wire and bend it. Or cut up another plastic bottle to a similar design.
This is one you're best figuring out for yourself.