making a coffin shaped breather box for my vehicle.would like to put handles on it.looks cool that way

need ideas as to go about it. needs to be metal if possible around an inch or so in length.small scale.whole thing is around a foot and half long by two or so inches deep.six and half or so at widest point.don't want to weld handles to it because of painting issues[hard to paint around]screws would be fine.just can't figure the best method and material.any and all ideas would be appreciated.thanks

frankentrike (author) 5 years ago
got it done.used sheet metal.two for lid one for body.for handles i used skull license plate holders and wire and beads through the jaws for handles. check out the pics.came out great.
b box 3.jpgb box 8.jpg
frankentrike (author) 6 years ago
painting a screw isn't the prob.if it's welded to the box then the issues are taping and such,you know masking.the prob with drawer handles and such is the size.those items are sized for full sized hands.much too big for the scale.i was thinking smaller scale,i measured the coffin[18 or so inches long,2 1/2 inches depth]a drawer handle is WAY too big.must think small,,,,,
Do you intend on fabricating the breather box out of sheet metal?. If you spray paint i dont see how painting the screw would be a big deal. I really think for a little coffin like that you could use drawer handles from lowes or a hardware store.
orksecurity6 years ago
Pop rivets. Sheet metal screws. Epoxy.