making a philiies phanatic costume for Halloween any suggestions how to make a functional nose?

I am in the process of making a phillies phanatic costume for halloween. I want it to be just like the real one with a functional nose that goes in and out . any suggestions?

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DoctorDv5 years ago
Maybe you can use one of those birthday things that you blow and it comes out and makes a noise. You would probably want a red one.
It is the tongue that goes in and out like a "blow tickler" (British) or "festive blowout" (American). If in doubt, look up festive blowout on's website. As for the nose, yes it does move somewhat, so base it on a lightweight spring (expansion type) form that can be controlled by a string that you pull from the inside. Pull and it comes in, let go and it goes back out.


CT, the Phillies are the baseball team, the Eagles are the football team and their mascot is Swoop, the eagle.
Oops - sorry, I should have known the right sport if I'd thought about it.for a minute. I was so bemused by the sight of a phanatic it kind of threw me.
I had typed in that the nose idea is the same thing as canucksgirl's post, but somewhere during editing it disappeared.  +1 to ya, canucksgirl.

seanpbell (author)  Quercus austrina5 years ago
thanks for your ideas
canucksgirl5 years ago
I would make the nose with a tube of fabric with a light weight spring sewn inside. Then with a string attached on the inside, you can give it a pull to make the nose flatten out (or it'll flatten out if someone gives you a little fake punch). Then just release the string and the spring will pop the nose back out.
seanpbell (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
thanks for your ideas

Do you want it to be electronically controlled (an arduino + servos thing) or manually controlled with a cable running from the nose through your costume to your hand? Once you decide on that, then you can look at which materials will work best.

I had to google phillies phanatic to see what you were talking about. I don't keep up with football much, but don't tell anyone - football is the state religion of Texas.

seanpbell (author)  CatTrampoline5 years ago
i thought about rigging up a co2 canister with a hand trigger but those party blow things break sooo easy and i want something that will last .